T0001V-UK.VN   High Voltage Qualification

During this half-day Virtual Classroom course you will gain an overview of generic 'High Voltage' components in an electric or hybrid vehicle, you will be given information of the safety implications of working with 'High Voltage' systems and how to protect yourself and others which includes some First Aid advice. Although this course does not permit you to actually work on 'High Voltage' vehicle systems: this course will give you the qualification to sit any of the specific product courses for the various 'High Voltage' vehicles.

Course Contents:

Course Objectives:
• Can confidently and safely work on high-voltage systems in accordance with Trade Association Ordinance BGV A3 and VDE 0105/ECE R105
• Is familiar with the high-voltage concepts and the technical background of the high-voltage components
• Can explain the technical responsibility and the legal background
• Can describe the power disconnect procedure
• Is familiar with the required safety precautions to protect against electric shock and arc faults
• Is familiar with the necessary first aid rescue chain

Course Contents:
• Laws and regulations related to work on high-voltage motor vehicles
• Safety information
• Effects of electricity on the human body
• High-voltage sections and high-voltage safety precautions
• Procedure for working on high-voltage vehicles
• First aid rescue chain

Designed for:

System Technician

Special Instructions

Information for accessing the Virtual Classroom and the times of the session are found in the joining instructions.

Venue Virtual Classroom

Delegates 12

Duration 0.5 day

Costs and Cancellation Course cost: ?125 Cancellation Fee: ?250

Course requirements:

Mandatory Prerequisite:

T0103E-UK.VN e-learning - High-Voltage Awareness

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