T1944W-UK.PC   Market Launch - Mercedes-AMG A45

  • Authentically convey the fascination with the AMG brand products in customer contact
  • List the innovations of the Mercedes-AMG A 45 and describe their functions
  • Match the 7 performance components to the individual model variants
  • Operate the AMG-specific systems and explain their operation
  • Describe the overall function of the relevant vehicle systems
  • Name current information on maintenance, repair and diagnostics
  • Distinguish between special features specific to the vehicle and malfunctions in complaint cases
  • Successfully use vehicle-specific expert knowledge and back up their position when speaking with customers about advantages and benefits

Course Contents:

  • AMG-specific walk around the vehicle
  • What is the difference between the entry-level Performance model and the Performance model of the Mercedes-AMG A-Class?
  • Definition of the 7 performance components
  • AMG engines
  • AMG transmissions
  • AMG suspension systems
  • Drive system concepts
  • AMG braking system
  • AMG exhaust systems
  • Tips and tricks for operating the vehicle systems
  • Current information on maintenance, repair and diagnostics
  • Overview of current repair and diagnostics scopes
  • Function of individual systems and cross-system overall function

Designed for:

Systems Technician and Service Advisor / STM

Special Instructions

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Venue In Retailer

Delegates 12

Duration 1 X 1hr Sessions

Costs and Cancellation Fee: ?120 Cancellation Fee: ?240

Course requirements:

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