T1913V-UK.PC   Market Launch – A-Class Plug-in Hybrid Model Series W177 Product technology and services for Service Advisors

  • Describe the design of the drivetrain
  • Describe the function of the control and display concept
  • Describe the basic functions of the drivetrain components
  • De-energize the W177 plug-in hybrid using the diagnostics system
  • Describe the maintenance work scopes
  • Describe the special considerations when exchanging components
  • Describe the basic hybrid functions in the W177 plug-in hybrid
  • Describe the qualification concept
  • Describe system relationships in terms of range and charging time
  • Name the maintenance scopes

Course Contents:

  • Adapt vehicle high voltage settings to suit the customer requirements such as pre-entry climate control, charge settings and MBUX voice commands.
  • List the high voltage safety measures implemented to guarantee intrinsic safety of the A250e.
  • Support colleagues on how to safely handle high voltage lithion-ion batteries and be aware of specific UK instructions.
  • Support colleagues & customers on how to care for high voltage batteries whether in a stock vehicle or customer vehicle.
  • Inform colleagues and customers of the different driving modes and how these affect high voltage battery and vehicle performance.
  • List the different high voltage battery charging options and be able advise customers on the benefits of DC charging.
  • Retrofit the DC charging option to the A250e

Designed for:

System Technician

Special Instructions

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Venue In Retailer

Delegates 12

Duration 0.5 day

Costs and Cancellation Fee: ?120 Cancellation Fee: ?240

Course requirements:

Mandatory prerequisites:

T1835E-UK.PC – e-learning Market Launch – A-Class Model Series W177

T0103E-UK.PC - e-learning - High Voltage Awareness

Additional Information:

 All participants must have their own D5 user details. The user account must be functioning and include access to GTLS and WIS as a minimum requirement.

We do not have generic user ID's

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