T2096V-UK.VN   Alternative Drives • eSprinter & eVito • e-Mobility Vans

During this virtual classroom training course you will gain an overview of the High voltage system and components used on the eVito Tourer and eSprinter. You will be given information on the design of the drivetrain, power flow within the HV circuit and networking of the control units involved in the HV circuit.

  • Name the components of the HV system
  • Describe the design of the high-voltage on-board electrical system
  • Describe the design and the function of the high voltage interlock circuit
  • Describe the structure of the cooling and heating circuits as well as the refrigerant circuit.

Course Contents:

The delegate will cover the following elements:

  • Safety device in the high-voltage on-board electrical system
  • Networking of control units
  • Cooling and heating circuits
  • Particular features of the eVito Tourer and eSprinter batteries
  • Component locations
  • Familiartisation of both eVito Tourer and eSprinter. Charging related knowledge. eVans charging hardware. Battery technology of the future.

Designed for:

System Technicians, Diagnostic Technicians

Special Instructions

Information for accessing the Virtual Classroom and the times of the session are found in the joining instructions.

Note that each module will last 3 hours (3 x 1 hour sessions)

Venue Virtual Classroom

Delegates Max 12 delegates

Duration 1 day

Costs and Cancellation ?245 per day. Cancellation charge ?490

Course requirements:

T0103E-UK e-learning - High Voltage Awareness.

T0001V-UK.VN High Voltage Qualification

T1925E e-learning - Market launch eVans and

T2095E e-learning - Market launch EQV.

Information modules contained within the GTLS / GT App must be viewed and exercises 1 to 10 within the delegate handout must be completed beore attending the virtual classroom. Information for accessing the virtual classroom and  times of each session are found in the joining instructions and Network News.

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