Programme Content

An overview of the learning journey for each participant…

Providing excellent Customer Service is at the heart of the 3-part, 18 month programme. By the end of the first 6 months, trainees will have gained the knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable them to build strong, customer centric relationships and contribute to business performance.

Targeted learning

Focusing on understanding self and their unique make up will enabling trainees to engage with the programme in a very real and personal way. Access to a variety of learning resources focusing on brand, product, sales techniques and customer service over the 18-month, 38-module programme to support them to achieve predefined activity and sales targets. The programme includes in- dealer development and structured in-dealer assignments and projects.

Secondments in key areas of a dealership

They will gain a full understanding of how each department works so that they can maximise business value for the future.

Placements with key customers

To develop their knowledge of how various customers operate, their business requirements and buyer behaviours. Identify other sales opportunities.

Business improvements projects

Activities that will have a real impact in their dealership and add tangible business benefits.

A support infrastructure

Field and Business Mentors for programme and in-dealer support. TalentLive on Facebook, Van Stars and GT App for peer to peer learning and collaboration and industry professional trainers and SMEs as well as the support of other individuals in their cohort provide them with a balanced learning experience.

Qualifications and accreditation

Successful trainees will receive Mercedes-Benz C-Sales Accreditation and an internationally recognised endorsement from the Institute of Sales & Marketing (ISM).


Learning Journey

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Programme Overview

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Programme Content

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