What is the Van Talent Development Programme?

Delivering the future for Mercedes-Benz Vans

The advantages of investing in the Talent Development Programme are numerous, but perhaps the most persuasive for the cost-conscious dealership is the return on investment over an 18-month period. Make sure you are equipped to capitalise on this exciting growth opportunity. By embarking on this innovative and dynamic talent development programme, you are putting your business at the forefront of commercial vehicle sales in the UK…

The biggest differentiator we have in the van community is our people.

We are a Network of passionate, dedicated, understanding people, who deliver time and time again.

The award-winning Talent Development Programme ensures that we can continue to attract and nurture the best individuals to your business, and make sure that the first class experience continues to delight our customers.

Andrew Lawson
Sales Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans UK Ltd

Andrew Lawson
Sales Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans UK Ltd

Breakdown of Talent Development Programme

The Talent Development Programme will train and support the next generation of van sales professionals, by providing structured learning, secondments and placements which will focus on brand, product, sales techniques and customer service.

It begins with recruiting the right people to the programme, we look for highly motivated and capable individuals for whom success is the only option

High performers achieve success through practical, hands-on experience underpinned by a support network, which is why we have adopted the 70:20:10 framework for the Talent Development Programme. This means that 70% of each trainee’s development will occur through on-the-job tasks and problem solving; 20% of development will take place through feedback, observation and liaison with mentors, coaches and leaders; and 10% of development will be as a result of formal training.

The candidates will be recruited and assessed by MBUK and all associated training costs for each individual will be borne by MBUK.

  • On the job tasks and problem solving
  • Feedback, observation and liaison with mentors, coaches and leaders
  • Formal Training