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Welcome to Van Training

The Career Development section will help you search (by division and job role) for Development and Qualification Paths. Once you have accessed a DQP you can also find out more about individual courses and access downloads of the respective documents. The BER section details those courses that are included in the BER programme and the News and FAQ sections will help to get the most from what we have to offer.

As always, we have worked hard to update all the courses for the current year and we are committed to providing the support you need whatever your role. The whole team is looking forward to working with you whether you are attending training at the centre in Milton Keynes or at one of our Regional Training locations.

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Keep yourself up to date with the latest developments in the fast moving world of Mercedes-Benz van training...

Training Feedback Tool (TFT)

Feedback is a useful way for us to continually analyse and improve the services we provide to the network. This year we will be replacing the current TEVAS 1 system with the Training Feedback Tool (TFT).

The idea is to, simplify the process of receiving feedback and for you giving feedback with only three questions and a short 'further comments' section.

For each course a QR code will be created that each delegate can then scan at the end of the day and complete the short questionnaire before heading home.


The Space for your next Step:

Global Training Learning Space.

Learning is progress. With every minute you spend training, you come closer to reaching your personal career goal. Global Training Learning Space lets you determine your future, giving you a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool to organise your individual development. Learn more – anywhere, anytime.

Start now by visiting To help you get started we have loaded one eLearning to each profile that shows you how to navigate around the new system, for further training there are specific tutorials on the GTLS channel on the GT App.